Sour Lifter

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At this time, shipping restrictions for smokable hemp flower apply to the following states:

Kentucky, Mississippi, Idaho, & New Hampshire.


We understand other vendors are still shipping to these states, but we cannot legally do so.

Any orders from these states containing raw/smokable hemp will be cancelled and refunded.

 Please contact your state legislators if you wish to petition these laws.


Sour Lifter

This is the classic award winning Lifter strain, with a new twist. Bred by Oregon CBD, this strain is Lifter crossed with GG#4 hemp. This bud maintains the favorable aroma and bud structure that Lifter is known for, along with an extra scent of skunk. 


CBD: 15.2%

Delta 9: 0.04%

THCA: 0.7%


*All hemp flower complies with the 2014 Federal Farm Bill and grown in accordance with applicable state laws and Industrial Hemp Pilot programs and contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC


(No reviews yet) Write a Review