Rhize Delta-8 THC Terpene Blunts, King Size

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Product Overview

Rhize Premium Cannabis

Terpene & Delta-8 THC Infused Blunts


We take our Murfreesboro-Grown Premium Cannabis Hemp (Willy G's Lebanonese, T1, Carolina Dream, or Desert Snow CBG) and infuse with Botanically-derived Terpenes* from Peak Supply or True Labs (depending on strain) and apply 100% pure hemp-derived delta-8 THC distillate at a rate of 170mg/g. Each roll contains approximately *250mg of delta-8 THC (1.2-1.5g of flower in each King Sized Futurola Blunt cone (tobacco-free) as well as CBD and CBG from the organically grown hemp.


CBD: 12-15% (varies on strain used)

CBG: 0.5-14% (varies on strain)

delta-8 THC: 250mg

delta-9 THC: ND-0.3% MAX


*terpene profile/infusion options available vary, see drop-down menu


(No reviews yet) Write a Review