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Grown and Bred by Banner Harvest in Banner, IL, this strain is a 6:1 (CBD:THC), which is a great balance for anxiety and general aches and pains, but without the sleepiness of Dr. Whom and Hemp Hog. Rich in terpenes -- near equal parts cis-Nerolidol and b-Myrcene -- this strain has the calming aroma of flowers and hops. Dense buds make for a slow burning smoke. Overall, another great strain by these Tennessee growers operating in IL for the 2019 season.


Max CBD: 18.3%

Max THC: 3.2%

delta-9 THC: 0.22%


*All hemp flower complies with the 2014 Federal Farm Bill and grown in accordance with applicable state laws and Industrial Hemp Pilot programs and contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC


(No reviews yet) Write a Review