The Terpsolate from CBDistillery is a special type of cannabidiol (CBD) concentrate, that incorporates CBD-isolate benefits with terpenes. This combination makes for a powerful CBD dabbing experience that is more therapeutic benefit just contained CBD on its own. 


There are (4) Flavors of CBD Terpsolate available: Jack Herer, Tangie, BaOX, and Cherry

Each 1g Terpsolate contains 990mg of CBD and is THC-Free


The base of this CBD oil concentrate is an industrial hemp-derived extract, which has a natural cannabinoid profile that is high in CBD. It’s essentially non-psychoactive because of the low levels of THC.


Any THC present in the hemp plant material is then separated out during the CO2 extraction process, a method that ensures the concentrate is pure, solvent-free and tasty to vape. As indicated by the isolate description, this CBD product is THC-free. Terpsolate is the preferred CBD product for users concerned about drug tests.



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