Budget Buddies

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Product Overview

For those looking to try the benefits of smoking hemp flower,

but want to do so at a rock-bottom price,we offer Budget Buddies.


Budget Buddies are 0.4g prerolled hemp cones, made with a house-blend of the hemp flower we sell in other forms.

Comes in Singles and 10- & 20-Packs at an even steeper discount.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Are Budget Buddies a specific strain?

A) No, they are a random house blend of the other strains we offer


Q) Are there any limits to how many Buddies I can get for $1.50 each?

A) No, you can buy 1 or 1000 --- the price is $1.50 each


Q) Why are Budget Buddies packaged in mylar bags instead of tubes?

A) We keep the packaging costs down so we can offer them at just a $1.50 per preroll


Q) Will Dr. Whom be in the house blended material?

A) Maybe.


Q) Is the house blend lower quality material than the regular hemp flower strains?

A) No, we still make the Buddies out of the same hemp buds we use for all of our other premium hemp flower choices. The difference is that Budget Buddies are an unknown blend (%) of the other strains we offer, so the average CBD percentage is about 11%.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review