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 At this time, shipping restrictions for smokable hemp flower apply to the following states:

Kentucky, Mississippi, Idaho, & New Hampshire.


We understand other vendors are still shipping to these states, but we cannot legally do so.

Any orders from these states containing raw/smokable hemp will be cancelled and refunded.

 Please contact your state legislators if you wish to petition these laws.


Grown on our own farm in Murfreesboro, TN, Amarone, as the name suggests, is like drinking a glass of fine wine -- deep, rich, tart & earthy aroma. Great for relaxation at the end of a long work day. Higher CBD content (16+ %) makes it another strain good for pain, mood, and inflammation.


CBD: 16.12%

THC: 0.69%

delta-9 THC: 0.13%

CBG: 0.57%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review